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07-09-2017 13:07

Sailing with Bornholmslinjen from September 2018

Molslinjen takes over the Bornholm ferry service with Bornholmslinjen from Sept. 1, 2018. What should you do if you want to travel after the take-over?

BornholmerFærgen replaced by the Bornholmslinjen

From the 1 September 2018, Færgen's contract for the Bornholm ferry service will cease and BorholmerFærgen will be replaced by Molslinjen's ferries, sailing under the name of the Bornholmslinjen.

At Færgen we take pride in our customer service, and we will do our best to help you with any questions you may have.

What do I do if I want to cross with Færgen and return with Bornholmslinjen?          

If you are travelling to/from Borholm before September 1, 2018, but returning home after September 1, 2018 you purchase a single ticket for the out journey from us, and a single ticket for the return journey from Bornholmslinjen.

Can I still use my Bizz contract with the Bornholm line?

Your Færgen Bizz, or your Færgen Kort, contract for BorholmerFærgen ceases on August 31, 2018 at the latest. You can, therefore, not use Færgen Bizz and Kort with Bornholmslinjen.

If you want to know anything about Bornholmslinjen's prices, timetables and where you can book tickets after September 1, 2018, you must visit Bornholmslinjen's (Molslinjen) website.

This page will be updated continuously.

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