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Sassnitz-Rønne højsæson 2017 EN

Take the Bornholm Ferry between Germany and Bornholm

On this page you will find the prices on the Sassnitz-Ronne route with the Bornholm Ferry "BornholmerFærgen". The crossing time with the ferry is 3 hours and 30 minutes. The Bornholm Ferry sails on the Sassnitz-Ronne route from April 1 through November 4, 2017. You can see all the ticket prices below.

Also see the timetable Sassnitz-Ronne and book ticket

Fares Sassnitz-Ronne

Fares 2017 | Fares 2018  Ticket terms and conditions

Fares in Euro per single trip. Valid from April 1, 2017 through November 4, 2017. 

Off season 01.04 - 30.06.2017 and 04.09 - 04.11.2017
Peak season 01.07 - 03.09.2017

Standard Tickets

Foot passenger OFF PEAK
Adult 25 32 32 32  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Child 12-15 years 13 17 17 17  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Child 0-11 years Free Free Free Free  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Car A + D OFF Peak




Height max 1.95 m, incl. 5 pers. 120 160 160 245  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Height over 1.95 m, incl. 5 pers. 221 160 230 360  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Motorcycle and moped OFF PEAK
Motorcycle incl. 2 persons 56 63 63 63  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Moped incl. 1 person 56 63


63  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
Sidecar/trailer 19 19 19 19  Knap - Bestil nu (rundede hjørner) EN
A Length max 6 m, height includes antenna and roof rack with luggage, bicycles and the like.
Caravan free of charge on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Peak season. Read more. A limited number of tickets are available. Read more.


Fares 2017 |  Fares 2018  | Ticket terms and conditions


Coaches, groups and catering

Truck and freight transport

Book ticket

Walking passenger Car Motorcycle/moped Bicycle

Change and cancel ticket

Change, cancel, print, add to calendar or send ticket via e-mail.

Lookup ticket

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Danish border control Danish border control

Remember you passport or your national ID card when you travel to Bornholm via Sassnitz.

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