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Fares Spodsbjerg-Tårs/Tårs-Spodsbjerg

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Route 800

Fares Spodsbjerg-Tårs

Fares in Euro per single trip. Valid from January 3, 2017 through January 2, 2018.
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Height includes antenna and roof rack with luggage, bicycles and the like

Sail with LangelandsFærgen to Langeland

On this page you will find the prices on the Spodsbjerg-Tars route with the Langeland Ferry. The crossing with the ferries between Spodsbjerg and Tars only takes 45 minutes and there are departures from early morning to late evening all year around. The ferry connection between Spodsbjerg and Tars is a perfect opportunity to travel between Langeland and Lolland and from there on to Funen or Lolland/South Zealand.

Your short cut across the Langeland Belt

Use the Langeland Ferry as your short cut across the Langeland Belt and avoid the unnecessarily long drive across the Great Belt.
LangelandsFærgen has EasyGo with BroBizz®, free wi-fi and caravan or trailer free of charge on selected departures.

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Route 800

Rute 800 rutekort

Odense-Nykøbing F. med busrute 800

Route 800, which is operated by John’s Turistfart, runs between Odense and Nykøbing Falster via the Tårs-Spodsbjerg ferry connection. For timetables and fares, visit the bus’ website.
Route 800

  • Odense: Odense Congress Center, Ørbæk, Svendborg, Rudkøbing
  • Lolland: Nakskov, Maribo, Sakskøbing, Nykøbing F.

The bus offers good legroom, free Wifi and 220 volt power, so you can use your phone, tablet or laptop on the way



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