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FanøFærgen - ferry service to/from Fanø

Fanø overfartskort 2017 EN høj

Welcome on board FanøFærgen. See the timetable og fares for the Esbjerg-Fanø (Nordby) route, the latest traffic information and news. It is not possible to reserve a place in advance on the FanøFærgen ferry - just arrive in time for the departure you want and purchase your ticket.

Sail with FanøFærgen to Fanø

Come to Fanø - an island bursting with activity all year round! Sail with The Fano Ferry from Esbjerg to Fanø and discover everything that's waiting for you from concerts and kite festivals to art, culture, music and entertainment, and much more. Fanø's fauna is also unique, especially all the seals around the island. Take the ferry to Fanø, where each season offers a wealth of memorable experiences.

FanøFærgen sails between Esbjerg in Jutland and Nordby on Fanø. The crossing takes about 12 minutes. If you click on the two destinations in the menu on the left you will find useful local information.

Take FanøFærgen if you are travelling on foot, by bicycle or by car

Travel toEsbjergby car, train or bus and continue your journey with FanøFærgen to Nordby on Fanø. It is safe and easy to get about on the island whether you choose to take your car (and caravan) or bicycle with you on the ferry or if you prefer to walk. There are excellent bicycle paths and footpaths on the island.

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