AlsFærgen – ferry service between Fyn and Als

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Sail with AlsFærgen to Als

Sail with the Als Ferry to visit the island of Als, or use the BØJDEN-FYNSHAV crossing as a short cut to Jutland or Funen. Als is a great place to visit for all the family with lots to see and do. AlsFærgen will take you back in history, enabling you to enjoy traditions and events which are unique to the island.

BØJDEN-FYNSHAV på 50 minuts

AlsFærgen sails between Fynshav on Als and Bøjden on Funen. The crossing takes 50 minutes. If you click on the two destinations in the menu on the left you will find useful local information.

Bøjden | Fynshav

Take AlsFærgen if you are travelling on foot, by bicycle or by car

You can travel to and from Als from early morning to late at night for business or pleasure. Thanks to a crossing which only takes 50 min. and departures every other hour, you will soon arrive and be able to continue your journey by car. If you are on foot, buses depart from Bøjden and Fynshav towards Fåborg and Sønderborg, respectively. It is also possible to take bicycles on board the ferry and explore Als’s beautiful scenery on two wheels.

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