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Practical information

Practical information

Securing loads (applies to all routes)

The vehicle must have lashing mountings for securing to the ship. The freight must be sufficiently well lashed and secured to withstand the movements which may occur during transport by sea. The haulier/driver is responsible for ensuring that the load is properly lashed and secured to his own vehicle. The chief officer has the final say concerning loads/lashings, or whether the load should be refused. No liquids must drip from the vehicles.

Oil burners etc. (applies to all routes)

Due to air pollution and safety reasons, it is not permitted to have oil burners, diesel engines etc. running on the vehicle deck during the crossing.

Cars without drivers (applies to all routes)

Færgen is able to transport cars without drivers, with routes Spodsbjerg-Taars, Bøjden-Fynshav and Kalundborg-Samsø.

It is always necessary to make a reservation for the car, as there are only a limited number of places.
Cars that do not meet the statutory requirement, cannot be included as driverless cars, but must instead be included on the trailer. That is, the damaged cars that can also be in an unhygienic condition, to include on trailer. The driverless car should always be safety and equipment in terms of legal, to drive on public roads.

For further information, prices and ticket service please contact Freight Department.

Car delivery and collection must take place at specific times

In Kalundborg and Ballen

  • Time of delivery and pickup is done in agreement with Freight Department. Guidelines is available when ordering.

In Spodsbjerg, Tårs, Bøjden and Fynshav

  • Delivery and pick-up takes place in connection with ferry departure / arrival. The customer runs even the car on board and off the ferry again. Guidelines is available when ordering.

SamsøFærgen, FanøFærgen, LangelandsFærgen and AlsFærgen

Commercial goods and parcels

When shipping packages, please be aware that they must be delivered and collected in connection with the departure and arrival of the ferry. Make sure that the packages arrive on board the ferry and off the ferry again.

Please note that Færgen has limited liability for shipping of packages. See Færgen’s Regulations § 5.

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