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Færgen Bizz Langeland

Færgen Bizz for LangelandsFærgen

If you frequently go by car or motorcycle on LangelandsFærgen, becoming an agreement customer may offer considerable benefits.

With Færgen Bizz you travel according to special terms at discounted fares. Payment is made automatically after check-in via your account with BroBizz A/S.

LangelandsFærgen offers different Færgen Bizz agreements, which cater to different needs.

  • Færgen Bizz Standard is for travelers wanting to drive through check-in and have the payment deducted automatically via your account with BroBizz A/S.
  • Færgen Bizz Business is for travelers who need guaranteed space without advance booking.
  • Færgen Bizz 10 is for travelers who travel more than 10 times between Spodsbjerg and Tårs within a 12 month period.
  • Færgen Bizz MC is for those who travel by motorcycle.

ALL PRICES (brochure 2018 is in danish)

(The brochure is displayed using Issuu.)


If you want to become an agreement customer in Færgen and travel on one of our Færgen Bizz-agreements, you can register with a BroBizz. If you already have a BroBizz, you just click on the registration link in the sidebar for the desired agreement. If you do not have a BroBizz, you must order one from BroBizz A/S.

When you have ordered the BroBizz and you have received the 16-digit BroBizz-number, you can register for Færgen Bizz. When you receive a confirmation that the Færgen Bizz agreement has been created, you can log in to MyFerry and book journeys online.

Agreement administration, billing and payment of journeys with Færgen Bizz are managed by BroBizz A/S. You only need to update your contact- and invoice information at www.brobizz.com, as your changes automatically will be transferred to Færgen from BroBizz A/S.

Note: It is not possible to travel with a Færgen Bizz agreement without the registered BroBizz device being present in the car at check-in.

Agreement terms

When you register for one above agreements, you are simultaneously confirming that you have read and accepted the agreement terms applicable at any time.

Modify or terminate agreement

If you wish to modify your personal information (payment cards/petrol cards, address, e-mail, mobile number, telephone number or registration number), you must log on to “My Account” at www.brobizz.com and follow the instructions. All changes will automatically be transferred to Færgen.

If you wish to terminate your agreement, you must contact us in writing.
Fill out a termination form and send it to us by mail or e-mail.

If you have questions concerning your BroBizz agreement and payment,
contact Customer Service at BroBizz A/S on telephone +45 7020 7049.

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