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Addendum SamsøFærgen

Supplement to Conditions of Travel on the Kalundborg-Ballen route

§1 General conditions – including validity and liability (supplement)

If a hearse is travelling (with mourners) on sold-out crossings, the vehicles that were last to place their reservation will be placed in the waiting position.

§4 Pets (supplement)

Dogs may not be brought into the restaurant and cafeteria service area.

§5 Cargo (supplement)

§5.1 Standard carriage of freight (supplement)

Commercial freight and express packages

In the case of the carriage of freight and express packages, the packages must be delivered at the time of the ferry’s departure and collected at the time of the ferry’s arrival. The Customer is personally responsible for ensuring that the packages arrive on board the ferry and are taken from the ferry upon its arrival.

§6 Tickets (supplement)

§6.1 Ticket booking and sales (supplement)

The SamsøFærgen offers the following types of ticket:
Standard ticket: The ticket is fully flexible and can be changed to a standard ticket on another departure.
Discount ticket: The ticket is fully flexible and can be changed to another departure.
The ticket can only be booked on Færgen’s website. A limited number of places are available.
Budget ticket: The ticket is a return ticket which can be exchanged before departure to another departure on the same crossing, for which Discount Tickets are available. It is also possible to change to a Discount Ticket from another product type if a Discount Ticket of this type is available. There may be a surcharge for transferring tickets. The ticket is non-refundable and can only be booked on Færgen’s website.
A limited number of places are available.
Senior Citizen ticket: The ticket is fully flexible and can be changed up until the time of departure.
Færgen Card: Refer to the special terms of the agreement for this type of ticket.
Færgen Bizz: Refer to the special terms of the agreement for this type of ticket.
10 Journey Card: Purchased online on Færgen’s website or at the port of departure. Valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.

§6.2 Payment of tickets (supplement)

All tickets with the exception of Færgen Bizz tickets are payable by Dankort or credit card at the time of booking.

Agreements relating to Færgen Kort are not credit agreements, but are agreements that the tickets are not payable until the time of check-in. Payment will be made by means of the credit card associated with the agreement.

A booking with Færgen Kort is only valid if it is possible to debit the cost of the journey from the associated credit card at the time of check-in. If payment is declined by Nets, the Customer will not be permitted to use the agreement but must purchase a ticket by other means.

A Færgen Bizz agreement does not constitute a credit agreement. Invoicing and payment when using BroBizz in connection with Færgen Bizz departures with SamsøFærgen, annual fee and departures that were not cancelled by the cancellation deadline (No show) is via BroBizz A/S, pursuant to the terms and conditions laid down by BroBizz A/S SamsøFærgen receives information from BroBizz A/S about the customer, including name, address, e-mail address, registration number of the vehicle and the BroBizz-number

SamsøFærgen exchanges updates of information with BroBizz A/S for the duration of the Færgen Bizz agreement. SamsøFærgen transfers all necessary information about the customer to BroBizz A/S for the purpose of correct invoicing of the customer for their SamsøFærgen journey.

If you do not have your BroBizz with you, or your agreement with BroBizz A/S agreement is inactive, you will be unable to take advantage of your Færgen Bizz Agreement when travelling.

The shipping line reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee in the event of the Customer failing to appear for the booked departure.

Similarly, the shipping line is entitled to charge a cancellation fee for the late cancellation of a reserved space or the Customer’s failure to appear as cancellation must take place no later than 1 hour before the planned departure. The shipping line is also entitled thereafter to sell the reserved space to another customer.

Travel agencies, coach customers and freight customers may request a credit agreement. Færgen can refuse to enter into a credit agreement or ask for security in the form of a bank guarantee in order to enter into the credit agreement.

Færgen does not enter into credit agreements with private individuals.

§6.3 Refunds (supplement)

If the Customer wishes to cancel the purchase and notification is received and confirmed by Færgen within 24 hours, the ticket will be refunded without charge. This applies to all ticket types, however, in the case of Discount and Budget tickets, these can only be cancelled on Færgen’s website within 24 hours.

Cancellation prior to departure:

  • Budget tickets cannot be refunded.
  • Færgen Card and Færgen Bizz will be refunded without any administration fee.
  • Other tickets will be refunded upon payment of an administration fee of DKK 75 for tickets for vehicles and DKK 30 for tickets for foot passengers.

Cancellation after departure:

  • Budget tickets, Færgen Card and Færgen Bizz cannot be refunded.
  • Other tickets will be refunded upon payment of a fee of 20% of the ticket’s list price (however, a minimum of DKK 75 for tickets for vehicles and DKK 30 for pedestrian tickets)

10 journey cards cannot be refunded. Unused clips cannot be refunded.

Expired/lost tickets cannot be refunded. If a customer has mislaid or lost his/her ticket, a new ticket must be purchased. If the Customer later surrenders the lost ticket, it will be refunded upon payment of an equivalent fee (see fees for cancellation above).

To claim a refund, original tickets should be sent to:

Ryttervej 49
DK-5700 Svendborg
Att.: Customer Service

stating the bank account number to which the money can be transferred. (With regard to refunds, see also §8in relation to cancellations and delays.)

§6.4 Group travel (supplement)

Special group discounts are offered to foot passengers if 10 or more persons are travelling together.

Coach groups are offered a joint ticket for the coach and passengers. Coach groups can change their ticket up to 3 days before departure, hereafter they are liable for the booking. Booking and cancellation of the ticket must be made in writing.

When ordering food and drink (hereinafter referred to as “catering”) changes can be made to the number of passengers travelling up to 72 hours before departure. Hereafter, the group is liable for pre-booked catering.

The shipping line will dispatch the ticket after it is booked. If catering has been ordered, a catering ticket will be issued at the time of check-in which must be surrendered to the ship’s personnel.

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