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Cookies and Privacy Policy

Privacy and personal data policy

(July 5, 2018)

This privacy policy is applicable to Færgen and to the websites

This privacy policy contains information for you how the Færgen collects and use the personal information you provide us with as a user of our website, as a customer, an applicant, an independent supplier or other.

This policy also contains a description of your rights when registered with Færgen, including the correction and deletion of data and insight into the personal information that Færgen stores about you.

Færgen’s website uses cookies. You can read more about our Cookie policy here, including the purpose and processing basis for the use of cookies.

Purpose of and basis for the processing of your personal information

Færgen will only collect and use your personal information if Færgen is entitled to do so, pursuant to the Data Protection Regulation.

Inter alia, Færgen processes your personal information for the following purposes and functions.

Færgen may, however, process your personal information for other purposes if Færgen is entitled or obligated to do so, as required by current legislation.

The personal information that will be used by Færgen will depend on your relation to Færgen; be it a customer relationship, if you have a Færgen Bizz, are a visitor to our website, are applying for a job or if there is some other form of relation.

When submitting your personal information, such as when setting up a Færgen Bizz account, completing a contact form etc., there will be a number of fields that you will be required to fill in. For example, when you contact us via the contact form, or ask us to write to you, this will require that you give us your email address. If you do not want to provide us with the obligatory information, you will not be able to use the desired function.

To make this easier for you, below is a list of some examples of when and how we process your personal information.

Contacting Færgen

When you contact Færgen using our contact forms, or when you send us email, Færgen will process the information you have submitted, with a view to replying to and fulfilling your inquiry.

When responding to inquiries, Færgen will process ordinary personal information, such as: name, email address, telephone number and other information that may be apparent from your inquiry.

Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may share your personal information with others (e.g. BroBizz A/S) if your inquiry pertains to your Færgen Bizz agreement.

Your inquiry to Færgen will normally be stored for up to six months after we have replied to your inquiry.

Purchasing tickets

When purchasing tickets on Færgen’s website, we ask you to enter your name, email address and telephone number. Færgen requires this personal information to fulfil its contract with you, including issuing and sending you your ticket(s).

Færgen will only pass on information about your trip to other parties or providers if there is a legitimate reason to do so.

When paying for travel with Færgen, you may be required to provide us with payment card details. When ordering on the Færgen website, your details are entered directly into a payment card window, operated by our payment card services provider, DIBS. If you make a purchase from our ticket sales office or a ticket machine, the details will be entered directly into a Nets payment card terminal and submitted to Nets. When making a ticket purchase over the telephone, we will enter your details into our booking system, which instantly transfers them to DIBS, this information is then instantly anonymised in our booking system. If you have a Færgen Card agreement, or if you purchase a 10-trip ticket, you will enter your information directly into a DIBS window. See below, if you are a Bizz user.

Any personal data that may have been registered when travelling will be saved for the year of the departure journey and for a further five years, to the end of the year.

Færgen stores your information for this period of time because we have a legitimate interest in servicing our customers, should a customer have any questions about the trip at a later date, such as receiving a copy of an invoice or travel details etc.

The transaction information and invoice will be stored for the duration of the year of travel and for five years afterwards, to the end of a year, so that Færgen can fulfil its obligations as required by the provisions of the Danish Act on Bookkeeping.

Færgen Bizz agreement (creation, administration and use of Bizz transmitter)

Færgens Bizz is issued by the company BroBizz A/S. The ability to create a Færgen Bizz account requires that you already have a BroBizz and associated agreement with BroBizz A/S.

When registering with Færgen Bizz, Færgen will require your BroBizz customer number and BroBizz number before you will be able to sign up to use your BroBizz on Færgen routes. BroBizz A/S will then forward your information to Færgen; see the above processing form.

You can read about BroBizz A/S terms and conditions on their website, www.brobizz.com.

We process your personal information in order to fulfil our contract with you for the provision of a Færgen Bizz agreement.

After the expiry of your Færgen Bizz agreement, we store your personal information for the year of expiry and for an additional five-year period, to the end of the year. As required by the provisions of the Danish Act on Bookkeeping, transaction information will be stored for the year of your departure and for a further five years, to the end of the year.

Using EasyGo Bizz

On certain routes, we accept Bizz as part of our EasyGo collaboration. If you use your EasyGo registered Bizz on these routes, your Bizz number will be registered with us and we will transfer this number, as well as information about the selected ticket product, price, date of travel and time to EasyGo, for settlement.

After the expiry of your customer relationship with EasyGo, we store your personal information for the year of expiry and for an additional five-year period, to the end of the year. As required by the provisions of the Danish Act on Bookkeeping, transaction information will be stored for the year of the transaction and for a further five years, to the end of the year.

Applicants for employment positions with Færgen

If you have applied for a job with Færgen, the process will require that you provide us with personal information, such as: name, address, email address, telephone number, CV and application, as well as any examination certificates and references.

Information is stored for up to six months after processing of your application has been completed.

Website optimisation

Færgen aims to give our customers and other visitors a good quality user experience when using our website and other services.

Færgen uses Google Analytics to optimise our website. This means that each of the pages on the Færgen website will transfer information about your visit to our site to Google; see the processing form above. Færgen does not itself collect this information and has not access to personal information that can be used to identify you as a person later on. Read more about how Google Analytics stores and protects your personal information.

Færgen is currently awaiting an explanation of Google’s deletion policy and any other use by Google any of the browser data that is submitted by your device but has not received a clear response.

Use of Google to make advertising purchases

Færgen uses Google to purchase advertising on other websites.

When purchasing advertisements from Google, we may ask Google to show particular advertisements only to people who have previously visited our site. This is known as “Remarketing”. Google does so on the basis of the data that, as stated above, is transferred to Google from your browser presentation of our website to you, but Færgen is not able to access this data.

Disclosure of personal information

To fulfil the objective behind the processing of your personal information, Færgen may transfer your personal information to third parties. Færgen only transfers your personal information to third parties if there is a legal basis to do so.

Personal information may, on the basis of your consent, be submitted to third parties in order to fulfil Færgen’s contractual obligation to you, to determine legal status, for judicial authorities or the fulfilment of Færgen’s statutory obligations.

Deletion of personal information

Your personal information will be deleted or anonymised when Færgen no longer needs to process it for the fulfilment of the purposes stated above.


Færgen has a duty of care for your personal information and has therefore implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure an adequate level of security, including safeguards against unauthorised access to, loss or destruction of your personal information.

Your rights as a registered user

If Færgen processes your personal information, you have certain rights which Færgen is required to comply with. These include your right to information about:

  • What personal information we process
  • Purpose/objectives for the processing
  • Parties to whom Færgen gives your personal information
  • How long Færgen stores your personal information, or the criteria that are applied to the deletion of personal information.

In addition, you are entitled to:

  • Correction of incorrect/incomplete information
    If you have a profile on Færgen’s website, you can make your own corrections to the personal information that you entered when creating your profile.
  • The right to be forgotten (have your personal information deleted)
    In other words, you have the right to have your personal information deleted from Færgen. This right may, however, be subject to limitation due to other legislation, including the Danish Act on Bookkeeping, the Danish Act on Sea Travel etc. that may require that data be stored for a certain period of time.
  • The right to limit Færgen’s processing of your Personal Data.
    You are entitled to raise objections to Færgen’s processing of your Personal Data. If you raise objections to Færgen’s processing we will, while processing your objection, only store your information. An objection will not, however, limit Færgen’s ability to continue to process your information, such as if Færgen has a claim against you for non-payment of a ticket, for example.
  • Right to inspect
    With certain legal exceptions, you have the right to be informed about which personal information Færgen has registered about you.
  • Right to have information issued electronically
    You have the right to obtain the personal information that Færgen may have registered about you.

You should be aware that your rights in certain instances may be limited, due to legal rules, or considerations to private interests, commercial secrecy, public safety etc.

If we are unable (either fully or partially) to satisfy a request from you, we will inform of the reason why in our response.

How to make use of your rights

If you have any questions about how we collect, process or delete your personal information or would like to make use of one of your other rights, please contact us by completing our contact form. We will reply to your inquiry as quickly as possible, and within one month.

We will process your request as quickly as possible, and you will receive a reply, within a month at the latest, telling you what action Færgen has taken as a result of your request.

The contact form can be found at this link: Access request process

In the case of repeated requests for the same thing, Færgen reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the administration costs in connection with the handling of your request, or to reject your request.

Specifics concerning consent

If Færgen’s processing of your personal data is performed on the basis of your consent, you may revoke your consent at any time, free of charge.

Withdrawal of your consent is always with forward effect and therefore has no effect on the legality of any processing performed by Færgen before the withdrawal of your consent.

Links to other websites

Færgens website may contain links to third party websites that are owned and administrated by other external companies.

Færgen is not responsible for the content of these websites, or how data controllers for these websites collect and process personal information.

If and when your visit a third-party website. Færgen recommends that you read the website’s use policy, including their privacy policy, cookie policy and other relevant policies.

Amendments to our privacy policy

Færgen reserves the right to update this privacy policy with no notice, in connection with changes in legislation, new technical solutions, updates to the website or functions.

If any significant changes are made to this policy, we will inform about them on this page.

We are a data controller – Our contact information

Færgen is a data controller for the collection and processing of personal information that we receive from you.

Færgen has the following contact information:

Danske Færger A/S

CBR-no. 30501950

Ryttervej 49

DK 5700 Svendborg


Telephone no.: Tel. +45 70 23 15 15


If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal information, please contact us, using the above telephone number or contact form.

If you are dissatisfied by the way we process your personal information, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency.

The contact details for the Danish Data Protection Agency are:

Datatilsynet/The Danish Data Protection Agency

Borgergade 28, 5

DK 1300 Copenhagen K



Telephone: (+45) 3319 3200

Email: dt@datatilsynet.dk

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