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About Færgen

About Færgen

Færgen sails to Samsø, Fanø, Als, Fyn, Langeland and Lolland-Falster!

Færgen sails to summers with books and holiday cottages, sunglasses, good food, draught beer, sun hats and get-togethers on Als, to summers with beechwoods, sand dunes, beach hotels, card games, soft drinks, grannies and grandpas and hide and seek on Bornholm, to summers with the wind in your hair, eating outside in the garden, sea water, ice cream waffles with toppings and jam, oceans of time and fresh eggs on Fanø, to summers with small country villages, grazing cows, holiday camps, sunsets, bike trips, hencoops and farmsteads, mini golf and shrimps on Langeland, to summers with potato dishes, tomatoes and chives, peace and quiet, twistbread, tetherball, fried eel and sunsets on Samsø. The ferry will be docking in a few minutes.

What we once were called…

As you know, dear children have many names and the same goes for Færgen. The current shipping company, Færgen, has roots in the “Steamship Company on Bornholm of 1866 | Dampskibselskabet på Bornholm af 1866”. Since then we have been called Nordic Ferry Services, where our routes were known as Alstrafikken, Fanøtrafikken, Langelandstrafikken and Samsøtrafikken. Nordic Ferry Services was replaced by the current name Færgen in January 2011 – after which the routes were renamed AlsFærgen, FanøFærgen, LangelandsFærgen and SamsøFærgen. In February 2012, Færgen launched a new website, which with one internet address www.faergen.dk took over the former route sites: www.alsfaergen.dk, www.fanoefaergen.dk , www.langelandsfaergen.dk and www.samsoefaergen.dk.

Adrress and CVR

Hveensgade 4
8000 Aarhus C

CVR-number: 30501950

Se Færgens tidslinje (in danish)

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